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Xbox 360 Slim Repair

Xbox 360 Repair Melbourne Australia

No Power- Disc Tray Jammed - NEW Main Boards - Open Tray Error - Red Dot Of Death

Game Disc Not Reading - Xbox360 Mods Chips

Open Tray Error Reading Game Discs

16d4s DVD drive

Liteon 16D4S Xbox 360 Slim Drive
Drive jammed - Wont Open
Not Reading Discs - Open Tray Error

System Update Issues

ixtreme firmware

System Update Gone Wrong
Console Stuck in a Update Loop
Cannot Get to The Dashboard

16D4S Unlocked Controller Board

16D4s Controller board

DVD Drive Boards already unlocked For a simple iXtreme Firmware update These sell fast Limited stock

The Red Dot Of Death

Slim motherboard

This Slim fault is similar to the 3 RROD on the old 360 usually a main board Replacement solves the problem

Red Light Error Code Repair


E74 Error code

Error Message on screen is CPU GPU or even the video scaler chip failure BGA connections 360 Error Codes List

Xbox 360 CPU GPU Cooling Mod

360 slim Fan

System getting too hot can usually be caused by blocked air vents even dust resticting the air flow around heatsinks

360 Main Board Replacements

360 slim main board

New Slim Motherboard Replacements Are always in stock Fast Service

Power Supply Replacement

xbox 360 Slim Power

Replacement Power Brick
All for the Xbox360 Black slim model Power Supply can cause 1 Red Light

Disc Drive Laser Replacement

360 laser

Dust can get into the laser assembly causing not reading of Game discs Simple Laser replacement Service

Game Disc Reading Error

slim dvd drive

Disc Reading or Freezing Problems Open Tray Error System Message Freezing when Playing Games Online

Disc Tray Jammed Wont Close

xbox 360 drive gears

Xbox 360 disc drive Repair Common Tray Jammed problems solved with Replacement Drives for 360 Slim

Hard drive Repair Replacement

har drive info

4 Gig not enough memory upgrade to 500gig with a Reset Glitch Mod
Play Original NTSC Region Games

Slim 360 motherboard

360 Slim Service Repair Motherboard Replacement Same Day Service

Main board is removed CPU GPU are temperature controlled RE-FLOWED
Board is examined  through a microscope heat sinks are modified X Clamp are not Removed

Removal of X Clamp Usually is not a good Idea, metal expands when hot, thus the purpose of the X Clamp is to allow for expansion contraction of the metal heat sink against the Motherboard, removing X-Clamp's usually results in the motherboard cracking or the BGA solder connections to crack (Somethings gotta give, usually its not the Metal heatsink but the weaker solder connections)
Cooling fan control circuits are altered to keep a constant cooler Running Temperature

Xbox 360 green
AusGameStore 360 repairs are proving to be good with a  ZERO return rate   However if your Game console has been previously  repaired  Semiconductors  on  the  board may have been  damaged due to excessive heat source Repair
Like the heat gun Fix that blows extremely hot un-controlled air melting solder even plastic connectors and Capacitors
It is therefore very important to tell us first if  its  been previously repaired
You May find a cheaper Price but definitely Not the same repair Job or Service Procedure
Cheaper 360 repairs wont last we get many that have been repaired by others that have lasted sometimes days
So don't be fooled by the $50 or $99 360 repair it wont last
We have invested in high precision IR soldering equipment that is proving good
Xbox 360 Repairs We have done 12 Months ago are working 100% today
Check the shame files
Full Repair Charge $149.00

hot selling products

Reset Glitch Hack
Reset Glitch Jtag Mods


matrix trident mod
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more


X3key External Loader


Xbox360 Matrix Reset
Freestyle Dash
$139 inc Install Service


Game Console Repair Service Melbourne
Xbox 360 RROD


Liteon Disc Drive

Faster Game Loading

Liteon DVD Firmware Mod
liteon modding


360 Slim Model
Hard Drive CaddyXbox 360 Slim Hard drive


Xbox 360 500Gig hard drive Upgrade $199

500gig hard drive

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