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The Shame Files Repair

Total Stuff-ups you wont believe when you see this It may be your console one day that ends up in the shame files

We seem to be getting heaps of repair work from Amateurs and Hobbyists I won't mention any names it was suggested to display this on a page so I'm working on this ATM and you will be able to see what happens when your console is handled by amateurs and kids. This is purely for a reference to potential customers that may not have any idea what happens out there It will be kept strict and confidential and will not expose anyone.

Before getting your console checked for a repair service See what happens below. often in the wrong hands, your game console can end up with more damage and sometimes can be completely destroyed.
Remember there is nothing in this world thats free. A simple repair in the wrong hands can turn to disaster. Something like a simple cleaning of air vents on a bench thats not static protected can easily cause destruction to a motherboard. Even a simple firmware flash Thats done in-correctly can render a console useless.

Xbox 1 Upgrade installation gone wrong and bought to us for Repair Check this out duoX2

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Repair by So Called Experts " No Fix No Pay Free Quote Job "X-clamp



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Wii Game Console Repairs


Cobra ODE For PS3


Xbox 360 Repair Service Melbourne

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matrix trident
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more

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