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Game Console Repairs Service Melbourne Australia

Game Console Repair Service in Melbourne Australia for all Makes Models Including Playstation 3 - Xbox 360 - Nintendo Wii - Wii U - Playstation 4 - Xbox One In Melbourne Victoria Same Day Service While U wait

If Your game console is faulty give us a call for a repair estimate something like a disc reading error.

Only Genuine Manufacturer Replacement parts are used commonly used Console parts are always stocked. For Our Melbourne console owners most repairs are completed on the day usually within one Hour of receiving the console

48 Hour turn-around for Interstate clients Includes Sydney Brisbane Perth Tasmania


Nintendo Wii Unable to read the disc


Nintendo Wii disc drive repairs are usually done in 40 Minutes. That means hassle free no returning back get the job done same day saving on time fuel and transport expenses. Original Replacement Wii DVD drives are always stocked for fast repairs We offer a 6 Months written warranty on all Wii repairs.

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Sony Playstation 3 black screen wont start

ps3 No display

PS3 wont startup or black screen can be fixed with a full data recovery of game saves as well as precious photo video or music files. This repair is usually done at component level meaning full dismantle of the console motherboard or power supply module removal then faulty components replaced console re-assembled then tested for correct startup and screen display. the only time you will loose content is if your hard drive has failed, then sometime data can be recovered by performing a component level hard drive repair. data recovery is not always successful with a hard drive head crash, hard disk drive platter damage is quite often irreversible


Nintendo Wii Replacement Motherboard

Wii Motherboard

Bricked Wii No screen or video display replacement motherboards for any model Wii can be fitted within 1 hour. Common bricking of the Wii usually occurs during a system update on a console that has been software modded.



Sony Playstation 3 Not reading Any Game Disc Blu ray or DVD movies

playstation 3 laser

Playstation 3 disc reading problems can be fixed fast usually about half the price of what Sony charge. We don't erase your game data from the hard drive, Sony remove all your console content Including photo's video and all game save data. You get your original console back all intact

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Open disc tray error

Xbox 360 open tray error

Unable to read game disc replacement drive repair service we stock all model xbox DVD drives including the Xbox 360 slim model that is prone to drive noise, open tray error messages and also the popular problem with Jammed disc tray that wont close or open just stuck half way

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Xbox 360 Slim Red dot Of death repair

red dot of death

Xbox slim model red dot of death is a problem the new 360 consoles get. known as the red ring of death in the phat model, this problem is due to an internal hardware failure . Full reflow of the motherboard solves this problem and comes with a 6 months warranty. We have stock for all the different model slim xbox consoles.

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Power supply repair Service
For all Makes and model Game Consoles

ps3 power supply

Most power supplies are kept in stock if not stocked we can repair your existing power supply common problems like no power lights - not turning on - turns off after 20 minutes are often faults within the power supply most console power supplies are switched mode solid state type now rather than the transformer type found in some old commodore or Atari game machines



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Hote selling Products

PS3 ODE USB Game Loader


wii repairs

Wii Game Console Repairs


Cobra ODE For PS3


Xbox 360 Repair Service Melbourne

Open Tray Error From $69open tray error
Xbox Wont Play Game's Fix


Nintendo Wii DVD drive board
Xbox Slim Console iXtreme Firmware Flashing from $49


Xbox 360 Game Loader

X3key USB Loader From $89


Play PS3 Games From Hard drive No More Discs

Cobra Modchip
Cobra UBS Game Loader

Playstation 3 Not Reading Game Disc

ps3 laser
Blu ray Laser Replacement



Liteon Disc Drive
Faster Game Loading



wii DVD drive

Wii Disc Read Error $110


matrix trident
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more

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