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New Xbox One Codenamed Durango due 2013

Microsoft Employee testing the new Xbox 720Seems the
over-heating problems still exist

future xboxxbox 720
Xbox One New 3rd Generation Game Console From Microsoft
rumoured to be announced at E3 Fact or Fiction Only Time Will Tell Its On the burner so to speak
xbox 720 slim
the look and style of the new console may be interesting

Hopefully motherboard heat issues
are resolved in this new xbox console

Microsoft Files Patent For Their New Xbox One Gaming Console

xbox 720 logo

Patents may not always be approved and those that are approved don’t always turn out as expected, but patents give tech aficionados a fascinating glimpse into the future of their favourite devices. Apple is usually at the forefront of these patent filings, based on our previous reports, but since we’re talking game consoles now, let’s look at the latest patent filed by Microsoft for the upcoming New Game Console Xbox One Durango.

This patent is related to biometrics as a tool for the next-gen Xbox to recognize its users. This would entail calculating certain factors, such as the firmness of grip on the game controller and the length of the user’s fingers. These factors would allow the device to identify users based on these physical factors, so theoretically speaking, a user can login to Xbox Live, turn the console on, play a favourite game simply by just picking up the hand controller.

xbox future console
Built in hand recognition will make the controller unique
new xbox
The New Console Controller will be quite advanced



















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