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Trying to do a System Update Now Your Console is stuck in a endless loop or error messages displayed usually Indicates there may be a problem with hardware such as hard drive or DVD drive

Sometimes corrupt drive firmware or incorrect DVD drive (spoofed modded drive) can cause the problem, sometimes displaying an error 66 message This code is very rare in a Xbox 360s model however incorrect firmware modding can cause issues

Replacing the DVD drive with the correct original model or a replacement Hard drive can be done at AusGameStore same day while U wait all model hard drives are usually in-stock

There are a few simple steps to try before calling us
remove the hard drive and try to do system update via USB with official MS update files can be this sometimes can solve problems if its not hardware related

Clearing the Xbox 360 system Cache

If you encounter any error messages while doing this the console will need to be checked

Get to the Xbox 360 dashboard

Xbox 360 Dashboard

Go to Settings - Select System Setting

Xbox 360 Settings

In System Setting Select Storage - Then highlight your hard drive and press the Y button

Xbox 360 Storage              Xbox 360 Hard drive

Scroll to Clear System Cache - Press A then Select Yes

Xbox 360 system cache


What you have done is Clear out the system cache The Xbox System uses the hard drive as a memory cache Sometimes this can get full or corrupt

If this hasn't fixed the problem then give us a call to get your 360 working in no time


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