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Xbox 360 - Firmware - Mods - Chip - Hard drive Upgrades

Matrix Reset Glitch Mod Chip

matrix modchip

Same As Jtag Mod Games Play From HD
Works On all 360 Consoles (No Xenon)
From the Matrix team $29.99 (Install Extra)

iXtreme LT Drive Firmware Flashing

iXtreme firmware

Xbox 360 Fat Firmware Update $49.00
Xbox 360 Slim Firmware Flash $69.00 This a DVD drive iXtreme LT For Liteon DVD Drives

XK3y USB Hard Drive Game Loader


X360key External USB Game Loader $169.00 Installed Includes LCD display adapter Installed Game Selection From the Hard drive

Xbox 360 Slim Flashing Service

unlocked board

iXtreme LT 3.0 Firmware Flash Mods For Model Liteon DG-16D4S Locked DVD drives 360 Black Slim Consoles $69

Xbox 360 Jtag Mods


360 Jtag Mod Installation For Xbox360 console Running Kernel Version
7371 or lower $79 Complete

Wasabi X360S Mod chip Xbox Slim


Xbox 360 Black Slim Consoles $104.99 Simply Install games to hard disk
No more DVD disc requires

Nand X Jtag Programmer

nand x programmer

Matrix Nand Flasher Tool A Must Tool For Jtag or Reset Glitch Mods To Dump your Nand


Xbox 360 Firmware Re-Flashing

iXtreme flashing

For an existing flashed console we Modded Upgrade to latest Firmware Version LT3.0 This is for the DVD drive of your Console

Wasabi X360 Fat Xbox 360 Modchip

wasabi x360s

External USB Game Loader Hardware Installation Service
For FAT Xbox 360 consoles $95.00

Reset Glitch Custom Dash Mod chip

reset glitch

Reset Glitch Dashboard Mods Install Service
On most 360 Console from $120 Check Compatibility click here

X360 USB Pro SATA to USB

x360 USB pro

Xecuter X360 USB Pro Drive firmware Mod tool also can be Used for game ripping with Kreon drive $59.00

Xecuter Coolrunner RGH Mods


Xilinx Based Reset Glitch Hack Mod chip $24.99

X360 USB Pro Power Adapter

power adaptor

Connect any Xbox360 DVD drive
To a PC power supply
for flashing or Kreon Mod $19.00

Maximus Lizard

Maximus Lizard

DVD drive firmware mod tool for dumping or flashing any Xbox drive $99.00

Kreon 0800 Xbox Drive

kreon drive

Simple connection to a PC for fast Xbox 360 game ripping can be used with USB pro $59.00

Firmware Is Internal to the DVD disc drive of the Xbox 360 its the software that controls the DVD drive allowing only game discs to be played that comply to various security challenges like original game discs. A disc will only play if all the security check's pass. A ripped burnt disc will fail these security check and is stopped from playing, error messages like open tray, or play DVD will be displayed. Firmware Mods install modded firmware called iXtreme LT allowing you to play a backup game disc. Any game disc ripped or backed up must be from an original owned disc you legally own and have in your possession The sole purpose of firmware mods is to preserve original discs and prevent any disc scratching or damage to your original owned disc What is illegal is using these devices to play pirated/backup, ripped, or duplicate copies of games that you do not own the original of.
Even renting a game then copying or ripping it, and returning the original is illegal, wrong and unlawful.




Xbox Open Tray Error
Open Tray Disc Error


Reset Glitch Hack
Reset Glitch JTag Service


matrix trident mod
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more


X3key External Loader


Xbox360 Matrix Reset
Freestyle Dash
$149 inc Install Service


Xbox 360 RROD

Xbox Game Console Repair Service Melbourne


Liteon Disc Drive
Faster Game Loading
Liteon DVD Firmware Mod

liteon modding


360 Slim Model
Hard Drive Caddy
Xbox 360 Slim Hard drive





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