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xecuter DemoN Multi Nand boot Option

Xecuter Demon

Simply Start you Xbox 360 Console Stock standard for all Xbox Live online gaming, or re-boot into Reset glitch/ Jtag style custom dashboard allowing external loading of games via hard drive. Running Homebrew custom Apps, region unlock, Nintendo , Atari, emulators, 100's of Classic Mame arcade games, and more.

Xecuter Demon main board solders direct to the Xbox 360 main board

Xecuter DemoN extremely advanced NAND features never seen before on the Xbox 360

Multi NAND switching is not new to the Xbox 360 console before Team Cygnos and their dual NAND tool for older generation Phat JTAG models was the ability to switch NANDS in the Samsung MS25 MS28 DVD drive allowing custom firmware or stock boot. the With the Reset Glitch Hack available on all model Xbox consoles, with mass interest in Homebrew mods there has been a need for multiple NAND's,running custom kernels, Linux Apps, modded dashboards, and of coarse emulation of Nintendo Atari platforms on every current model console including the new Xbox 360 Slim (model Xbox 360 S)

The Matrix team produced the worlds first triple nand solution, Xecuter Dual NAND design has features like , fast flash read or write, Install method similar to the Matrix, developer functions, ability to expand or upgrade .
Homebrew projects libxenon, dashlaunch, freestyledash, freeboot and many more work as well as the matrix NAND. With open source available to developers we will see many Apps, utilities being produced for this device

Built in USB port allowing full access to the NANDS simply means fast access , write speeds. It basically will not require any additional programming hardware

Xecuter DemoN has full support for early Jtag consoles, so user with JTAG Xbox can install this device Not only does the DemoN support all of the latest RGH devices such as the Xecuter CoolRunner - The design of the Xecuter DemoN will not effect the operation of any Jtag console to make sure that it doesn't affect any current JTAG installs. - Install of the Demon does not require Removal of any JTAG wiring or operation. resolving LDV fuse issues.

Team Xecuter products are extremely high in quality and also backed up by stable supported software that is Regularly updated also very simple and user friendly , a step ahead of the matrix team that has software that’s designed to be used by a developer.

Xecuter DemoN

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