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X360Key USB Hard disk Drive Game Loader

Xk3y USB LoaderXbox 360 USB Loader X360key External Module
Our Latest Version has the LCD display for Game List Selection
Check if your 360 will work X360Key USB Loader Compatibility List ...... here


What Is X360Key

The X360key device For Xbox 360 USB hard drive adapter. with this device you can play ISO game images from a hard drive connected to X360Key USB adapter & Run the game off the hard drive No need for ejecting & inserting any Game discs. The x360key runs on the Linux open source operating system, extras can be added by a simple Firmware update to the X360key Via USB connected to your PC No More DVD drive wear & tear or Laser Repairs

Will it Change Mod or Alter the Drive Firmware

X360key will not alter modify or Install iXtreme firmware to your DVD drive that means it will not allow you to play or back up burnt copy game discs It will only Copy and backup Original game discs Only
Playing Backup game discs direct from the DVD drive you need to firmware flash your drive with iXtreme
Fat Model Firmware Upgrade Click Here....... or NEW Black Slim Model iXtreme Firmware Click Here.......

Will it work on my Xbox 360 Game console

X360key USB loader was designed around the Phat model Xbox 360 & also the slim Xbox 360 using the Liteon DVD drive model 9504 and 0225 Future new Xbox 360 slim models will have newer DVD drives
Therefore you need to check your drive type for compatibility issues here..
Future X360Key Firmware updates will allow never versions of DVD drives to work with your Xbox 360 Slim Console Basically If the drive key can be extracted from the Xbox DVD drive the X360key should work

How do I install the X360key

There are 2 separate components a miniature board & a remote box The miniature board is connected in series with the Xbox 360 SATA connector & the DVD drive & sits inside the Xbox 360
The remote LCD is external connecting to the board via USB. The hard drive connects to the external LCD adapter Installing X360key is simple no soldering skills are required, however you need to open your Xbox 360 to extract the your DVD drive key see extracting my Xbox 360 drive key...........
Once you have extracted your DVD key you need to insert the Xbox 360 drive Firmware (key) to X360key via a micro SD inserted to the X360key board
We offer an installation service in Melbourne for X360key product so don't be alarmed if you find this confusing We can do all the hard work for you

X360key Extras and Special Features

Support for all ap25 XDG3 Format Xbox 360 game disc ISO images
No need for DVD drive firmware flashing iXtreme hacking or patching
External hard drive support for all formats & capacity USB drives
Built-in Xbox 360 DVD key extraction for all model Drives
Support for all Xbox 360 & any future models including Xbox 360 slim Consoles Yet to be Released
X360key Firmware updates via USB for any future Xbox 360 dashboard updates
Full Wireless Web and FTP interface via add-on WI-Fi dongle not included in the Release model
Fast Loading times from hard drive via USB Adapter
No more noisy game loading & DVD drive disc spinning Your DVD drive will almost last the lifetime of the Console
X360key Firmware Updates all done via USB no need to open console for any future enhancements
The release X360key firmware will support Xbox Live Going Xbox Live May result in a Console Ban
If this is an issue future X360key firmware updates Will support on-line gaming ISO images need to be checked with ABGX 360 to ensure full stealth and pass all checks
Its Now Safe to move your Xbox 360 console while playing Games no more scratched discs or noisy disc drive activity

More Information For the Slim Model console ....... here



X3k3y packaging


external LCD adaptor
X360key external LCD display


X360key main board
3K3Y Board internally fitted to the Xbox 360 console


Xbox 360 Red consoleXbox 360 slim modell
Compatible with all Xbox Consoles including the Slim Model


X360key main boardAnother Version of the X3K3Y main board designed to be installed inside the Xbox console wiring is in series with the DVD drive and is now fully compatible with the Slim Model Xbox 360 consoles



Any Persons Loading Games direct to A hard drive must own and have in possession the original game disc
The sole purpose of USB Loader, mod chip is to preserve and avoid damage to the original game disc, also the ability to play games from another region of the world

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