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Basic Things To Know About Modding Your Xbox Console

What Is iXtreme LT Lite Firmware

iXtreme firmware mod is flashing the internal DVD ROM drive that usually reads only original game discs.
The DVD ROM drive is Flashed (reprogrammed) to allow playing of your Backup game discs to be played

What is meant by Backup Game Discs

Backups are a identical duplicate copy of Xbox 360 games. Usually they are burned on Dual Layer DVD disc , requiring the use of a PC DVD Burner. Backups are quite legit and legal if they are burned from a original game disc that you legally own Use and possess. Backup discs are usually stealth patched with ABGX360 to allow Xbox Live play without being detected then eventually banned from Xbox live
Once Banned the console will still operate playing game discs but is blocked from Xbox live online game playing

Stealth Patching Of Backups

iXtreme Firmware is constantly updated for new protection Microsoft have on Games the latest firmware iXtreme LT 2.0 allows games to be played even if they are not fully stealth patched this is when ABGX360 comes in This program is run on a PC and checks your game disc or ISO Image for stealth and will report the results to you Usually the program is run on a ISO image checking the image and can also patch the image so it looks like a original game disc passing the Xbox security checks Once the image is patched it can be burnt on a DL disc

How Do Microsoft Know I have iXtreme

Basically Microsoft have developed the 360 console with extreme software and hardware Security protection, with every console having a unique MAC Address, Serial number, CPU and DVD keys your Console DVD drive is married to your console Only and will not work in another console unless its programmed and cloned this is another matter
Now Every time you insert a game disc the console runs through a disc verification process checking the security of the disc to make sure its a genuine Game, If this test fails it sets a flag in the console memory ready to report to a microsoft server.
The next time you go online the console will flag Microsoft telling them you have inserted a disc that failed the security challenge (AP2.5) When Microsoft decide to do a wave ban your console will be detected when connecting to Xbox Live,
then it will be blocked from connecting to Xbox Live

Things to Remember after your Firmware Mod


Never Insert a game disc before its run through ABGX360 even if you don't go online the console can still be flagged if the Security challenge fails

Don't go online if a game has not been released yet doing so will guarantee you a ban from Xbox live 100%

Always keep your firmware up to date there are always new security checks that sometimes ABGX360 may not be aware of

If playing online best to use original games this will ensure you don't get flagged

Never do a system update unless you know its going to be OK there have seen recently consoles that have had the drives bricked because in the past the drives have been spoofed this is extremely rare and unusual however always consult us first if you have any doubts a good practice is to restore the firmware to original then system update then re-flash the iXtreme firmware with the latest version being ATM iXtreme LT2.0 for the new XDG3 game format Gears Of War 3, Driver, etc
More iXtreme about iXtreme firmware modding here


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