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iXtreme LT Firmware Upgrades For Phat Xbox 360


New Firmware Known as ixtreme LT 3.0 is now available for all the model Xbox 360 game consoles

$49 For a Full iXtreme LT 30 Firmware Upgrade For All DVD Drives in Any Phat Model Xbox Console

Phat Xbox WhitePhat White Xbox

Phat Black XboxPhat Black Xbox

AusGameStore can now fully mod your NEW HDMI Xbox 360
NEW iXtreme LT 30 Firmware For the Liteon Drive has been Released

From July 2009 Lite-On Model DG-16D2S-09C NOW Can be modded for disc backups

Got a New Xbox 360 ?
Worried about it breaking down ?
Get a peace of mind 12 Months DVD Drive Warranty Extra Charges apply

New DrivesExtended Warranty Replacements

Simple Non Confusing Pricing For all Xbox 360 Models

iXtreme Flash LT +    $49.00

Setting up the DG-16D2S for key retrieval

 World first iXtreme LT3.0 fw for the All Liteon drive Also for Benq and Samsung drives! including Hitachi 78,79 series

Creating then playing of backup game discs we do not condone. The choice is yours to do whatever pleases you once your console is firmware modded. The modified firmware iXtreme LT30 that is obtained from the web is primarily designed to allow the user to play backup game discs the user legally owns and has in his possession Allowing the user to preserve the original game disc avoiding scratches and circular marks that is common to Xbox 360 discs. Once the console has iXtreme firmware it will still play original retail purchased games. You are therefore not forced to play backups with a modded Xbox 360 console. Anyone asking about pirate games or discs are not welcome and will be banned from AusGameStore

The process is quite complicated and not for the faint hearted and requires many step by step procedures that need to be done precisely.
There is no external flash that can be read the key is in the drive processor.
Serious damage can result if connections are shorted at the DVD drive power connector as the 3.3V and 5v rail connections are close. If this does occur you will need to replace your Xbox 360 complete, like a new console.
We offer a full warranty on any work we do so you can be assured of a professional job done by certified Game Console engineers with years of game modding experience

24 Hour Hot line EMAIL advice

A closer look at the main board of the drive
Liteon DVD ROM

Serial Adapter connected and ready to go
Liteon key retreival

The Serial adapter fully made by AusGameStore
Serial Programmer

ixtreme FirmwareXbox 360 Drive Key extraction is possible with software known as jungleflasher Once retrieved ixtreme firmware can be loaded to the drive SPI memory flash chip

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