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PS3 Repairs Freezing or Will Not Load XMB Start Screen Menu

When the PS3 console is turned on and the screen is frozen or stuck on the wave ribbon, is usually a good indication of a corrupt software or even a hardware failure problem with the console
just like a home PC computer system If files become corrupt the PC will not boot up windows.

ps3 startup wavePS33 frozen on startup wave XMB wont load


Overheating issues, hard drive or even blu ray controller board can cause this type of problem

PS3 hard drivePS3 hard drive failure can cause startup problems. The console gets quite hot during normal operation and the hard drive is tucked inside the console, lack of air circulation will overheat and eventually destroy the hard drive. If this happens your game data may be lost. Always regularly backup any important data Via an external USB drive formatted to the FAT32 file system

PS3 drive controller boardPS3 Blu ray drive controller board

We have seen several instances were the Blu ray drive controller board has failed during a system update. During the final stages of the system update the PS3 system cannot communicate with the drive board and fails the update, then on rare occasions the PS3 will not boot up This is not a common failure though.




First Step if you have these issues Don't System Restore or Format the Hard drive

If Your Having Problems with The PS3 Startup Freezing and have game data you need recovered Do Not Reformat and system reset your console you will loose all data and wont be able to recover any game saves.

Get the console To us With Our PS3 Repair Service in most instances you will not loose any data and game saves stored on the hard drive If you have Not system restored or System reset the console

Hardware failure can cause the system not to start. there are thousands of components on a PS3 motherboard any on of these fail and it can cause startup problems

PS3 motherboard
PS3 Motherboard with heat-sinks removed



The Red Screen Of Death

Sony PS3 Red screen of death when this screen appears the PS3 will not go any further in the startup process
Usually a corrupt NAND image will result in this problem

PS3 NAND where the system software is stored


The PS3 Wireless Module

PS3 wireless moduleThis Module controls Blue tooth and wireless on the Playstation Console. we had this module Fail once causing freezing on boot problems and failure to load the XMB screen. This happened after system update. A replacement wireless module solved the problem and restored the Console with no data loss








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