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Xbox 360 Slim Console Version Check

AS Of Febuary 2013

All Xbox 360 Slim Can Be Reset Glitched

Please Note This Check is only for the New Black Xbox Slim Console Only Not The Phat Model

With the Slim Xbox 360 console there are some models as at April 2012 that cannot be modded
However a solution is underway to overcome this hurdle and a fix will be available soonslim model
Before contacting us Its Important to check the 12V current consumption information at the back of the Slim console
Directly above the AV plug you will find this listed 12V - DC symbol - then the DC current requirements figure in Amps
The example below power requirements 12v DC voltage at 10.83 Amps The 5V at 1 amp is not important

Slim Rear Label ID

If your console is 10.83A like above Your 100% OK for the Reset Glitch Mod
You may be OK for DVD drive iXtreme firmware Mod or Xk3y (if you have a liteon DVD drive)

line green

At the moment If you Console power consumption is displayed as 9.86A then you cannot do any firmware, x360key, or reset glitch Jtag mod a solution will be out soon

If your console is 9.86A it is likely to have a 16D5S DVD drive and the HANA chip missing
Your out of luck at the moment however keep an eye out on the main page of the website for the latest info
There have been instances in the past that a console with a current consumption of 9.86A have a drive that can be modded and motherboard with the hana chip this however is extremely rare.

Not a 100 percent method but another way to check what type of disc drive you have is via the serial number of your Xbox console Thats Located at the rear
This method is not a100% Guarantee though see note
This Mothod of Checking the ID via serial is not a full proof way

slim serialWii Serial Number
The Serial Numer location at the rear of the console

Check the 4th digit number starting from the Right had side of Serial Number in this case as above serial ID is 3
XXXXXXXX3XXX : Serial Number
2 - Liteon 9502 DVD drive OK to Firmware Mod or X3key
3 - 0225 Liteon DVD drive OK to firmware mod or X3key
4 or 0  - Possible Hitachi 0500 No firmware or X3key at the moment **see note

Note***We have recently seen had over the last several weeks consoles with a serial ID of 4 in theory Hitachi 0500 however they all had original 9502 firmware stamped on the drive case These console were all original virgin untouched
We dumped the firmware in Jungle flasher, The dumped firmware displayed as version FW 0225

This happens during the system update after Kernel 13141 Microsoft change the firmware of 9502 to 0225
This explains why you may buy a new DVD drive stamped 9502 and yet the firmware reads 0225 in Jungle flasher
Its Nothing to do with Dodgy Chinese Parts suppliers doing a shifty, the drives have simply been updated

Anyway to make things simple and to be 100% certain that your slim console can be modded
The Xbox needs to be opened then inspected we do this free at no charge for our time


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