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Playstation 3 Jailbreak Mod Chip Hack


Due to recent Federal court rulings in Melbourne Victoria PS 3 Modchip dongle known as the Jailbreak device
has been banned in Australia Court halts PS Jailbreak

The Modchip known as the Jailbreak device is a USB Dongle device that when inserted into the front USB socket of the ps3 console allowed the owner to backup original owned games directly to the hard drive or even external USB drive
Jailbreak will run Homebrew Software & development applications Demonstration Programs & self written applications to interact with your PS 3 console

The ps3 Jailbreak Modchip dongle was designed to wok with the game console system update firmware version 3.55


Soft-mods are also popular with the Playstation 3 system

Sony are on the ball to block the PS3 Homebrew

with constant Playstation system updates that remove the soft-mod restoring the console software to the ps3 default




Cobra Jailbreak Dongle Was Very Popular In Australia Until it Got Banned

Cobra Jailbreak

This Cobra Jailbreak Dongle Was Used in conjunction with Homebrew software Install on The PS3 System XMB Running Custom Firmware Once The Playstation Was Downgraded to 3.55 First Step in Modding your Console is Downgrading it to 3.55

There's More about downgrading your PS3 Console here......

Cobra Menu


Jailbreak Dongle

Playstation 3 T-Break Advanced Jailbreak Device for The Sony PS3 Has its Own Micro SD slot For Advanced Homebrew Applications-

Banned In Australia By Federal Courts

Original Jailbreak Dongle
Original Jailbreak

The Original Playstation 3 Jailbreak Dongle was developed to allow you once In firmware version 3.55 to enter your PS3 in factory service mode.

The Dongle Comes Already programmed and once activated would get your Playstation in a mode to apply any Custom Firmware, Once custom firmware is Installed to the PS3, Homebrew applications could easily be installed via USB from the XMB. It will not Downgrade your console on its own, but will simply put it in a mode to be able to be downgraded and then switch the service mode off.

If your looking at downgrading your console This tool is a must and Even if your console is already Modded this tool can sometimes get you out of trouble if you happed to soft brick your PS3.
We have Used it many times to UN brick Modded PS3 consoles that would not start up or in a update loop.

Banned In Australia

Read More About The Playstation Jailbreak here


PS3 jailbreak

Jailbreak Dongle Product is not available in Melbourne









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