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iXtreme LT + For Lite-On DG-16D2S-09C Drive in the Xbox 360

If you are awaiting for your Xbox 360 repair from the MS repair centre be aware you may get one of these
Lite-On Drives that cannot be modded the Usual Way Manufacture Date May 2009

liteon 16D2S-09C

Good NEWS - ALL Xbox 360 MODS Using iXtreme LT + are NOW $50

New Repaired Xbox 360 consoles from the MS repair centre now have these new Drives

Serial Key Extraction on this New Lite-on with Firmware Version 83850C is NOW possible

The usual key Extraction Method for this model drive (key extraction is required to mod and reflash) wont work

You can check your version by opening your Xbox 360 and checking the model number Of the DVD Drive
Remember by doing this you will void your Warranty with MS for any future repairs

Model Number DG-16D2S-09C NOW can be modded

Old Lite-on Model Number DG-16D2S can be modded

iX LT for Lite-ON 83850C has been released by Team HyperX
Thanks to Geremia and max for releasing the tools required to do this

There is NOW a Solution to extract the DVD Key from your NEW Lite-ON DG-16D2S-09C
AusGameStore Can provide a full Service to Mod your new Xbox 360 to play your original backups

Contact Us For more Information


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